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Frequently asked Questions

  • PTE (Pearson Test of Englis) to study abroad

    PTE is another English eligibility test that focuses on knowing the proficiency of the English language of an applicant. PTE is different from the other eligibility English language i.e. IELTS or TOEFL in terms of scores and the results. PTE is a computer-based test where the results are typically available in 5 working days.

  • What is the PTE Academic Test?

    Students who are looking to study abroad go for PTE academic tests. PTE Academic exam is a computer-based only English proficiency test accepted by educational institutions accepted all around the globe. The applicants who are willing to go for studies for higher education apply for PTE academic exam as the mandatory part to take admissions in top universities.

  • Why PTE exams are important?

    The computer-based PTE exams are given by non-native English speakers who want to study abroad. The four modules of the English test including reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills are measured by the candidates. These tests are scheduled in such a way that every question generally test 2 skills together, like reading and speaking or listening and reading.

  • Where PTE exams are required?

    PTE Academic exam is accepted by many education institutes across the globe. Along with this PTE exam results are also accepted by the government of Australia and New Zealand for the PR visa purpose. To prove English language proficiency the countries like UK, Australia, the USA, and Canada accepts the PTE academic exam to prove their English language proficiency.

  • What is the eligibility to apply for the PTE exam?

    The applicants applying for PTE exams must be at least 16 years of age at the time of appearing for the test. Also, the candidate who is below 18 years of age needs to give a parental consent form for appearing in PTE academic test.

  • How many time PTE Test Could be Given?

    There is no limit set for the PTE exams. This exam can be given the number of times as other English eligibility exams. Applicants can appear for the exams at the gap of 5 days. Therefore applicants can give PTE exams as many times till getting a satisfactory score.

  • How to proceed with PTE Registration?

    For booking for PTE online Academic test, the applicant must have a valid ID, generally a passport. The ID is also required at the date of the exam or is not allowed to sit in the examination hall. Here is the list of steps to be followed for the registration for PTE exams

    • • Firstly visit the official PTE Academic Website
    • • Need to create a profile listing the personal details.
    • • After creating an account applicant will receive an official from the website in 48 hours with the login details.
    • • After login, the next is to search for the nearest test location, selecting the suitable time and date of examination and slot.
    • • Go for the checkout button, make the payment, and finalize the booking.
  • What are the fees for PTE exams?

    The current fees for PTE Academic test if Rs 13300.

  • When PTE Exams are conducted?

    The PTE academic exams are conducted throughout the year at the designated test centers across the country. The dates and times vary from center to center. Therefore the students must advance book for PTE before it's too late by simply visiting the official website.

  • What is the syllabus of PTE Exams?

    Applicants must know the pattern of the PTE test before appearing for exams. The exam pattern is divided into speaking and writing, reading, and listening sections. The details are listed below:

    The speaking and writing section of PTE comprises of

    Personal introduction, reading aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, re-tell lectures, Answering short questions, summarizing written test, easy writing.
    The reading section includes, fill in the blanks, attending multiple-choice questions, re-ordering paragraphs,

    Speaking and Writing

    The listening section includes summarizing spoken text, multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, highlight the correct summary, multiple-choice questions, select the missing word, highlight incorrect words,

  • What is the PTE exam pattern?

    The academic syllabus of PTE includes three sections i.e. speaking and writing, reading, and listening. The applicants get scores of these three sections and get the PTE academic total score as well.

    Speaking and writing are carried out for 77 to 93 minutes.

  • What is the PTE scoring pattern?

    PTE Academic scores are measure from a 10 to 90 scale where 10 is the lowest point score, with increments of 1 point. The scores from 10 to 90 showcase the eligibility of the applicant in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The PTE academic scores are presented in a graph, giving an easy understanding of the candidate's score skills in the language as well as improvement areas. The applicants can send the PTE score online through the secure portal set by the PTE. Here are the steps to send the PTE reports

    • • Login to your account website
    • • Click on score view reports
    • • Go to send scores
    • • Choose the type of institution
    • • Review the details and click next to confirm.
  • When PTE Results are declared?

    The PTE Results are declared online in 5 working days from the date of the test. The results can be seen from the PTE Academic students account. Firstly you will receive an email within five working days. Then after the applicant need to follow the instructions to log in to the Person account. The results of the PTE academic can be shared in colleges and universities of choice through the Pearson account.

  • How to appear for the test?

    An applicant needs to visit the test center 30 minutes before to check-in and pass security. ID and passport are must require for the smooth functioning of the exam formalities.

  • Which countries do accept PTE scores?

    The applicants wishing to pursue higher education in countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, and Germany among other countries accept the PTE Academic scores for admission and immigration purposes.

  • Some of the tips for appearing PTE Exams

    Mostly to score good marks in PTE students often join the coaching centers or simply go for self-practice. But to score good marks this PTE test should also be dealt with the methodology. Follow some of the study tips to perform well in PTE in the Academic exam.

    Some of the speaking tips

    • • Read aloud the English books, articles writings, etc.
    • • Rising the voice at the starting and falling voice at the end of the sentence will make the sentences sound authentic.
    • • There can be a mistake in between but continue speaking will not affect the overall speaking test.
    • • Practice every day with tongue twisters words and phrases.
    • • Repeat sentence
    • • There is no beep at the end, so just start speaking after the clip ends.

    Describing Image

    • • Get started with words like illustrate, elucidates, depicts, etc.
    • • Notice whether it is bar-chart, line-graph, or pie-chart. Line graphs have a ‘timeline’; pie charts have ‘slices’ and bar charts compare.
    • • Make use of the following words – on the left-hand side, on the right side, next to, below/bottom, above, at the top, foreground, background, etc.
    • • Try to finish it in 30 to 35 seconds and don’t leave any incomplete sentences.

    Academic Writing Section Tips

    A strong vocabulary and grammar are required to have a perfect score of 90 out of 90. The average score of vocabulary and grammar offers you a score of 73.

    • • The applicant requires to write answers between 35 to 45 words. Also, very long sentences must be avoided, as the scoring algorithms may not be able to evaluate long sentences with great accuracy.
    • • Pay attention to the punctuation.
    • • Applicant must capitalize all the starting and nouns in sentences.
    • • Always write the summary in third person form avoiding using I, Me, We, etc.
    • • Focus on the last paragraph as it usually contains a summary of the text.
    • • Must summarize each paragraph in a single sentence.

    Some of the writing tips of PTE Academic

    • • In multiple choices, choose the single answer.
    • • In the passage understand the main message and focus on keywords to find the correct answer.
    • • The focus of frequency words including always, sometimes, never many all, often, etc.
    • • Use the rule of elimination makes narrow down the options.
    • • Read the question carefully to understand the type of information asked.
    • • The last two lines of the passage contents 60% of the answers.
    • • Learn to convey the meanings using different words.

    Academic Listening Section Tips

    • • Listening power can be improved by listening to English songs differently. Focus on the lyrics of the songs and try to understand.
    • • Watch English movies and TV shows with titles and subtitles and then without subtitles.
    • • Listen to the news content that helps to improve vocabulary understanding of spoken English while listening.
    • • Answer in 50 to 70 words
    • • Try to be the focus on the theme and the most repeated words.
  • How Airwaves Immigration helps in PTE Preparation Delhi?

    Are you ready to prepare for PTE Academic test? The Study abroad experts will help you in dealing with all the quires you have to appear for PTE exams. Offering with time to time mock test and study material, they offer best of the PTE online coaching to score good marks in all modules of PTE. To know more about this, get in touch with Airwaves Study abroad experts.